Cycling in the Pyrenees

All the Pyrenean cols on this page have been ridden by our guests, there and back from the front door of the Pyrenees Cycling Lodge. We have had riders do just 1 small climb & 30km in a day and we have had riders do 5 big climbs and over 150km in a day.

The main ascents of the cols in the Hautes-Pyrénées are marked out with signs every kilometre detailing the average percentage of the slope and the distance remaining to the top of the col. The distances shown below are from the Pyrenees Cycling Lodge to the summit of the Pyrenean col.

Whatever col you choose to climb during your cycling trip in the Pyrenees, whether it’s a Tour de France climb of the Pyrenees or one of the lesser known more remote climbs in the Pyrenees, your efforts will be rewarded with fantastic scenery all around you!

mountains_cathcHC50px-Tour_de_France_logoCol du Tourmalet 33.6km
It is 15.3km to the start of the epic climb of Col du Tourmalet. The climb is 18.3km at an average 7.6% to an altitude of 2115m.
mountains_cathcHC50px-Tour_de_France_logoHautacam – 19km
The start of the climb is 4.3 km from Saint Savin, it is a 14.8km climb to Hautacam, at an average gradient of 7.5%, to the finish at 1520m. Continue on up the climb for 1.2km to the summit at Col de Tramassel, altitude 1635m. Keep an eye out for the numerous birds of pray that hunt on the slopes of Hautacam, Golden eagles and Vultures are common sights.
mountains_cathcHC50px-Tour_de_France_logoCol d’Aubisque from the east – 30.9km
It is 22.9km to the start of the climb, via Col du Soulor. The climb is 8km at 3.8% to an altitude of 1709m. It is one of the most beautiful roads in the Pyrenees.
mountains_cathcHC50px-Tour_de_France_logoCol d’Aubisque from the west – 63.4km
It is 47.2km to the start of this 16.2km climb at a gradient of 7.5%. The summit is 1709m altitude.
mountains_cathcHC50px-Tour_de_France_logoCol du Soulor – 21km
Start climbing from Saint Savin for 21km which averages 5.7% to an altitude of 1474m.
mountains_cathcHC50px-Tour_de_France_logoLuz Ardiden – 25.8km
It is 11.7km to the start. The climb is 14.1km at 7.7% to the ski station at 1720m altitude.
mountains_cathcHCCambasque is 19km from Saint Savin.
Plateau de Cambasque is 19km from Saint Savin, altitude 1376m. Cycle 3 km down hill to Pierrefitte-Nestalas and then up hill all the way.
mountains_cat250px-Tour_de_France_logoCol du Borderes – 13.4km
Climb from Saint Savin for 13.4km at a gradient of 4.6% to 1157m altitude.
mountains_cathcHCPort du Boucharo – 45km
It is 4km to the start of the climb. The climb is 41km at 4.5% to an altitude of 2273meters.
The last 10km from Cirque de Gavernie (1404m) to the summit averages 8%.
mountains_cathcHCPont d’Espagne is 21.5km from Saint Savin, altitude 1485m. In the national park a waterfall cascades for 10km down the mountain. Cycle 3 km down hill to Pierrefitte and then 18.5km uphill at 5.2% average, the steepest km is 13%.
 mountains_cat3Lac d’Estaing – 15.8km
From Saint Savin climb for 15km at a gradient of 4.4% to an altitude of 1204m. A small lake in a glacial valley surrounded by huge granite peaks. Keep an eye out for bears, deer and other wildlife.
 mountains_cathcHCCol du Couraduque – 17.4km
Starting climbing in Saint Savin. The climb is 17.4km at 5% to an altitude of 1367m.
 mountains_cathcHCCol de Spandelles is 18.5km from Saint Savin, altitude 1380m. Very bad road surface.
 mountains_cathcHCCirque du Troumouse – 42km
It is 26.4km to the start of the climb. The climb is 16.4km at 6.5% to an altitude of 2125m. Spectacular scenery in the national park, along with Cirque de Garvarnie this valley is a UNISCO World Heritage site.
mountains_cat3Col du Croix Blanche – 26.3kmA nice easy climb of 12km to an altitude of 831m, with beautiful views over the plains to the north of the Pyrenees.
 mountains_cat3Col du Berberust – 18km
Short and nasty. 3.4km at 9.5% with a section over 20%. Ouch! The summit is at 713m.
 mountains_cat4Arcizan Avant – 1.7km
Start climbing in Saint Savin, for 1.7km at 5.6% to an altitude of 634m. A very pretty village with Cafe and restaurant.
 mountains_cathcHCLe Tech – 24.6km
The climb is 25km at 5% gradient to an altitude of 1472m.
 mountains_cat1Lac des Gloriettes is 35km from Saint Savin, altitude 1668m.
 mountains_cat1Barrage d’Ossoue is 42.7km from Saint Savin, altitude 1808m.
 mountains_cat3Ortiac is 7.8km from Saint Savin, altitude 801m.
 mountains_cat2Vier Bordes is 8.5km from Saint Savin, altitude 733m.
 mountains_cat3La Scierie is 30km from Saint Savin, altitude 803m.
 mountains_cat3Col du Herret is 28.4km from Saint Savin, altitude 1107m.
 mountains_cat3Col du Arras is 11km from Saint Savin, altitude 997m.
 mountains_cat2Cote de Bordes is 11.7km from Saint-Savin, altitude 973m. 6.6km @ 8.2%. It ramps up at the end with 3.7km @10%
 mountains_cat3St Pastous is 9km from Saint-Savin, altitude 697 metres. 2km @ 12.3%.