Your Hosts

Run by cyclists for cyclists

We’re Mark & Niamh from Scotland & Ireland and delighted to the your hosts of the Pyrénées Cycling Lodge. As keen cyclists we moved to the Pyrénées in December 2017 to run the lodge - a dream come true!

So we’re going to be upfront, we’re not ex Pro cyclists, we’ve got no podium prizes or titles to shout about, we’re not social media celebrities…but what we are is real! We’re great hosts (our guests words not ours :), easy going, relaxed and love a bit of banter. We are genuinely in love with what we do here and we’ve created something really special…even if we do say so ourselves :) We have the best job, we get to meet people from all over the world, bring them together through one common passion…cycling! Which makes for one fantastic experience at the Lodge, for us and our guests.

We pinch ourselves everyday to make sure it's real that we live in such an amazing place - this is truly a fab location and base for cycling in the Pyrénées!

  • 1996Ditched the day jobs

    and move to the States independently!
  • 1998Key West - Mark meets Niamh ...oh lá lá

    Lucky guy ...says Niamh!
  • 1999Road Trip...a long one

    Bought a van and we spent the next 4 years travelling and working in hospitality all over the States
  • 2003Time to get real

    Returned to Scotland with a dream to move to the mountains in France one day!
  • 2004Off we go again

    To Italy & France to work for the summer.
  • 2005Back to reality

    With an aim to have a 5 year plan to move to France.

    Back to studies, jobs mortgage and the years go know how it goes!

  • 2008Runners for wheels

    Niamh gives cycling a go to help running injuries and loves it!
  • 2009Mark ditches his hybrid for a road bike

    After loosing to Niamh too many times on the hills!

    So weekends are spent cycling and hiking around Scotland.

  • May 2017Better late than never!

    Our 5 year plan turned into 13 but we got there in the end. Returned to France to look at properties and found the Pyrenees Cycling Lodge for Sale...offer accepted - flew home still in shock that we bought a house in France!
  • Nov 2017A done deal

    Signed on our new house & business in France...yay!
  • Ded 2017Bonjour Les Pyrénées

    With our life belongings packed in a car, van & trailer we catch the ferry to France to live our dream!